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Digital Signature and Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Commerce increases business efficiency, turning possible to store, access and transmit electronic information with great ease. Nevertheless, a more efficient communication of electronic information becomes necessary, with the same level of trust and value that the public has always been used to when exchanging information in a physical environment (paper).

The Digital Signature and Electronic Document Management System (e-Doc QualiSoft) was created to permit secure electronic communication among commercial, financial and government systems, strengthening the security, privacy and productivity of electronic communication by using digital signature technology.

e-Doc QualiSoft is a web-based electronic document management system which includes support for digital certificates and time stamps, making viable the use of digital signatures of electronic content in corporate environments.

e-Doc QualiSoft implements all the resources and tools necessary to enable the storage and workflow among the parties involved in the process of digital signature of electronic documents..

e-Doc QualiSoft guaranties the privacy of the electronic information, providing all the necessary evidence to ensure non-repudiation of electronic transactions, preventing and detecting alterations or fraudulent manipulations of electronic content.









e-Doc QualiSoft guarantees the integrity, the authorship and the legal validity of electronic content and can be applied to e-mails, web forms, contracts, powers of attorney, reports, images, warrants, notifications, balances, declarations, exam results, medical reports, insurance proposals and policies, electronic files transferred between companies (EDI), making it feasible to eliminate the use of paper and to reduce issuance, storage and disposal costs for these documents.










An electronic document that is signed and registered by e-Doc QualiSoft is reliable because:

  • The Digital Certificate is checked for validity at every signature time. This process includes checking the digital certificates against Certificate Revocation List (CRL);
  • The data handled by e-Doc QualiSoft is stored in corporate databases, encrypted, with access possible only by the parties engaged or previously authorized by the owner of the document;
  • At the customer's request, a reliable time stamp can be added to the signature, guaranteeing the non-retroactivity of an electronic document's signature, which is a fundamental element for the operation's non-repudiation;
  • All operations are registered to permit their tracking and auditing;
  • e-Doc QualiSoft never send files to be signed. Notifications are sent via secure e-mail, to the parties engaged, informing them of the existence and availability of the electronic document for conference and / or signature;
  • The control of limits, powers and authorizations of the users may optionally be guaranteed through the native integration of e-Doc QualiSoft with QualiFP - Signatures, Documents and Powers Management System, or QualiSoft Electronic Power of Attorney.










  • Enables automatic registration (upload, storage and indexing) of electronic documents in a corporate server, operating as a safe repository of electronic documents (Electronic Safe) that can be viewed, signed, printed or exported at any time by authorized persons;
  • Keeps electronic documents stored by period of time specified by the applicable law for each type of document or transaction;
  • Implements a workflow mechanism, notifying and allowing the accompaniment, by authorized parties, from all stages of approval and signing of electronic documents;








  • Document signing and verification regardless of the physical location of the involved parties because the operation is carried out over the Internet;
  • Reduction in time required to receive and send documents to obtain signatures;
  • Reduction in operational costs resulting from the elimination of paper documents
  • The gathering of signatures and paper is unnecessary;
  • Manual verification of signatures is unnecessary. Besides being time-consuming, it requires specialized labor;
  • Elimination of resources for electronic document management (EDM) since there is no paper to scan;
  • Elimination of the need to store physical documents (paper), because they do not exist;
  • Natural increase of capillarity of the captation network;
  • Reduction of the total cost of the process without a loss in security and with an increase in productivity.







e-Doc QualiSoft can be integrated to any previously existing legacy system or customized according to each company's needs.

e-Doc QualiSoft has a software development kit (SDK) so the developers can build new applications or alter already existing ones, incorporating e-Doc QualiSoft or digital signature (PKI) features.













User Authentication and Authorization

e-Doc QualiSoft already incorporates all necessary infrastructure to guarantee the best level of security for signing electronic content, ensuring that only those people who have the appropriate profile and jurisdiction will have access to the information and services being offered. User authentication can be handled in several different manners, including Digital Certificates stored in Tokens or Smart Cards, or Directory Services (AD).

Control of Powers and Jurisdictions (Approval Policies)

Optionally, the control of powers and jurisdictions for each of the users can be ensured through the integration of e-Doc QualiSoft with QualiFP – System for the Administration of Signatures, Documents and Powers, or with the Electronic Power of Attorney (Proxy), both by QualiSoft or, also, with other systems that already exist in the company. Once integrated, e-Doc QualiSoft automatically obtains the list of people who can sign a specific type of document, and it also verifies, in real time, if the person who electronically signed the document had the powers to do.







e-Doc QualiSoft is technically and operationally adherent to recommendations of the American Bar Association PKI Assessment Guidelines 2001, E-SIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of June 2000), Circular 3.234 and Letter 3.134, both from the Central Bank of Brazil, which guarantee the use of digital certificates for signing currency exchange agreements.

In Brazil, the legal validity of e-Doc QualiSoft is based on Presidential decree 2.200-2, of August 24, 2001, which establishes that every electronic document has its authenticity, integrity and legal validity assured as long as digital certificates are used.

e-Doc QualiSoft is compatible with all X.509v3 digital certificates, including the e-CPF and the e-CNPJ, the official digital documents for the Brazilian Government.








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