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Multi-channel Transactional Framework for Processing Financial Transactions

GlobalBanking® QualiSoft is the most modern, complete and secure transactional, multilayer and multi-channel infrastructure for processing financial and banking transactions.

GlobalBanking® QualiSoft is based on a totally open and standard market infrastructure that incorporates all of the technological and business infrastructure necessary to process bank transactions regardless of the service channel, keeping balances and statements updated, consolidating client positions, managing future statements (schedulings), transaction limits per service channel, cut-off times for products or transactions, as well as the capacity for 24x7 processing.

GlobalBanking® QualiSoft processes Inquires, Movements, Requests, Simulations, and File Transfer transactions, encompassing the main banking products and services, keeping account balances updated in real time, and all this within an absolutely secure and reliable environment.


GlobalBanking® QualiSoft offers a superior level of quality and features, as well as easy integration with corporate systems based on Mainframe and on Corporate Servers (Client-Server) making advanced resources and controls available, such as:

  • Exclusive session control by service channel, allowing the maximum usage time (Session) to be configured for each delivery channel;
  • Control of daily transaction limits x user, per delivery channel;
  • Control of service hours, per transaction or product;
  • 24x7 processing capacity, with automatic processing date turnovers according to operation cut-off times;
  • Control of future statements and schedulings;
  • The most complete set of financial objects;
  • Complete log of transactions.







Thanks for its architecture and modularity GlobalBanking® QualiSoft can be used by the most diverse electronic delivery channels available at the Banks, such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, 24 hour banking, SPB, Agencies, Correspondent Banking, as well as traditional services, such as Contact Centers among others.








GlobalBanking® QualiSoft incorporates all the infrastructure necessary to guarantee the best level of security in the processed transactions.

This is done through E-QualiSG – Identity, Security and Access Control Management System, which allows the creation of Access Control Policies that are appropriate for each type of delivery channel and user, guaranteeing that only those people with the appropriate profile and jurisdiction will have access to the information and services being offered.










GlobalBanking® QualiSoft implements encapsulated gateways by services or objects, allowing the same business transaction to interact with databases and legacy systems from diverse manufacturers and computing environments, providing, consistent, secure and auditable access to data, eliminating random updates without any control.

Its modern architecture allows the reuse of objects and services, guaranteeing maximum performance and flexibility in new application development, facilitating the integration and adoption of new technologies and not allowing the systems built over its infrastructure to become obsolete.

The unification and centralization of business components and infrastructure facilitates control, minimizes processing and distribution errors, while it also increases productivity in the development of new applications.









  • Servers
  • Windows 2000 / 2003
  • COM+
  • Web Servers
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Database Management Systems
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL Server, and others
  • Message Exchange Standards
  • XML
  • Gateways
  • Active Server Pages
  • Security Standards
  • Digital Certificates (X.509 )
  • SSL
  • S/MIME
  • PKCS-7
  • Conectivity
  • TCP/IP
  • Programming Language Support
  • Visual C ++
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Delphi, C#, Java™, , and others
  • Component Models
  • ActiveX™




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